Training Courses

Strengthen your competencies with us! Gain relevant knowledge in peace operations related areas. We offer three kinds of training courses:

  • Peace Operations Courses
  • Election Observation Courses
  • Specialization Courses e.g. on the Rule of Law, Mediation or Security.

But there is more:

We are partner of ENTRi and hence are able to provide access to courses of other ENTRi members across Europe.

We develop and deliver taylormade training formats for missions and partner institutions such as interview trainings for monitors.

A training is only good enough if it reflects the mission reality as much as possible. That is why we closely work together with our uniformed police and military colleagues to strengthen the comprehensive approach. One of our latest common projects was an ambitious leadership training. 

Find out more about our training opportunities in the calendar or our Desktop website.

Core Course Peace Operations

The basic CGTPO course (Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations) is an essential contribution to training prior to secondment, and provides important insights into the work of UN, OSCE and EU peace operations. At the same time the participants are given a clear idea of the professional, personal, social and methodological skills needed to work successfully in a deployment. The curriculum of this two-week training course boasts a high degree of interactive, practical exercises including a simulation reflecting the reality of a mission.

The objective of this course is


  • to understand the mandates, functions and legal framework of peace operations, and
  • to generate awareness for the interaction between international organizations, their peace operations, the individuals involved in them, and local partners.

The course covers subjects including e.g. the cooperation between the military, police and civilian experts – also called the "comprehensive approach" –, gender awareness, local ownership and supporting participative processes, sustainability, and Mary Anderson's concept of "do no harm". These operational principles are integral components of ZIF's "Civilian experts" concept.

Special attention is paid to personal and practical security training. The second week comprises a HEAT course (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) at the German armed forces' UN training center in Hammelburg. It serves to heighten participants' awareness of safety and risk prevention. The curriculum also covers training in road safety and 4x4 off-road driving modules.

Further details are available at the desktop version of our website.

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Dr. Volker Jacoby

Head of Team Training, Operations


Election observation courses for short- and long-term election observation

The training course for Short Term Election Observers (STOs) teaches specific knowledge and abilities that are oriented to the standards of the international seconding organizations and are necessary for a successful mission. Role-playing games and case studies provide participants with the necessary knowledge for deployment as STOs and introduce them to the tasks and challenges connected with the respective mission profiles and mandates. For further details on the STO course go to the desktop version of our website.

The training course for Long Term Election Observers (LTOs) can essentially be seen as a supplementary course to the STO course. While the duration and remit of an STO are relatively straightforward, long-term election observers have a far more extensive remit to cover. It is essential for participants to learn and internalize all phases of an election, beforehand and afterwards, as well as the interaction of Core Team, LTO and STO. The course also dedicates an entire day to the subject of security. Got ot the desktop version of our website for further details on the LTO course.

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Matthias Zeller

Team Training, Operations


Specialization Courses

ZIF offers various specialization courses on relevant, in-demand subjects in the area of civilian crisis management. New training courses and subject areas are being continually developed in order to cover the changing needs of the missions. Courses from the ZIF portfolio address subjects including "Women, Peace & Security", "Religion and Mediation" and "Hostile Environment Awareness Training" (HEAT). For further details on the specialization courses, see the desktop version of our homepage.