Peace Mediation | Mediation Support

ZIF-Expert Roster and Secondment to Multilateral organizations

In order to help strengthen the work of multilateral organizations in the field of mediation and mediation support, ZIF seconds and assigns German civilian experts to the respective Mediation Support departments of international organizations such as the OSCE, EU and the UN or corresponding agencies in peace operations. Furthermore, within the scope of the ZIF Expert Roster, it has staff at its disposal with corresponding expertise for the support of mediation processes, and makes them available as required.


In order to strengthen the abilities of civilian experts to support and supervise peace processes, ZIF offers training on mediation and negotiations concepts and techniques.

Within the scope of the national training partner platform, ZIF participates in training courses that strengthen the conflict resolution skills of management personnel in peace missions in their respective professional environment and at the workplace, and on request provides in-mission modules on the subject. The introductory course, serving the general preparation of missions and admission into the ZIF Expert Roster, likewise examines the role and contribution of peace missions in international mediation processes.

Capacity building | Peace mediation in German foreign policy

ZIF is part of the Initiative Mediation Support Deutschland (IMSD), which the German Foreign Office has actively supported since 2013 in its involvement in peace mediation and mediation support. Further members of the IMSD are the Berghof Foundation, the Center for Peace Mediation at the European University Viadrina, CSSP - Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation, and inmedio berlin (institute for mediation, consultation and development).

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