International Capacity Development (ICD)

The mandates and tasks involved in international peace operations are becoming increasingly complex and specific. This means a continually growing demand for highly qualified staff, as well as a growing necessity to adjust and optimize processes and structures within peace operations and the international organizations mandating them.


Since its inception ZIF has been an active participant in international talks on questions concerning the building of civilian capacities. As an institution but also in cooperation with the German Foreign Office we are acknowledged as a leading example in our field worldwide, and are approached when information, consultation and cooperation are required on the selection, preparation, secondment, training and supervision of civilian personnel in multilateral peace operations.

ZIF's team for International Capacity Development (ICD) provides support and consultation for partner organizations and peace operations in order to strengthen their structure and processes. Objectives include e.g. the creation of civilian staff rosters in other countries or organizations such as the African Union, areas of overlap between peace operations and humanitarian aid such as the UNOCHA, and Mediation Support or Duty of Care. The ICD team coordinate the exchange of knowledge in the activities of peace operations and civilian conflict management.

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Sebastian Dworack

Head of International Capacity Development, Operations



Perle Baillard

Team International Capacity Development, Operations



Fabian Metze

Team International Capacity Development, Operations



Anita Nuke

Team International Capacity Development, Operations