ZIF-Experts: Active Worldwide

ZIF is looking for ... perhaps you?

We advise, assign and second civilian experts with relevant training and work experience who are needed in the operations of international organizations – and whose appointment is in the interest of the Federal Republic of Germany. Sounds complicated – but what does it mean?

ZIF experts work around the world in peace missions, supporting host nations in the (re-)construction of functioning institutions and processes as well as civilian capacities. Our tasks are outlined in the respective mandates of the operations and range

  • from the restoration of public safety and the protection of the civilian population as in e.g. the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • to the expansion of government structures and democratic participation as in e.g. South Sudan and
  • the development of a judiciary as in e.g. Iraq and Afghanistan.

You will often have to consider the possibility of restricted freedom of movement, challenging security conditions as well as frequent and rapid changes in personnel. At the same time, one of the biggest challenges in peace missions is also one of the biggest incentives; you will be working with colleagues from around the world – whether in Niger, Kosovo or Colombia.

The "Civilian Experts" model is central to our concept of what we expect from our seconded civilian experts. It is at the same time a kind of commitment on the part of ZIF, and a reflection of how we see our role as a partner of the EU, OSCE, UN, NATO and other international organizations.